Public Order is a commercially certified food production space, that facilitates creativity by offering small entrepreneurs a place to flourish without having to pay large setup costs.

Our space offers unique opportunities for a wide range of endeavours: food & drink production, classes, & integration with FOH for on & off site food service & events.

For ideas & inquiries, contact us (collaboration is kinda our thing~)

Each prep station at Public Order offers:

– 2 square meters of bench space
– Dedicated 4 x 7.5Kw gas range
– 6 tray 10.2Kw combi oven
– Standard equipment including planetary mixer, bench scales, food processor
– Dedicated fridge, & freezer space
– Dedicated sink, & commercial dishwasher


Below is our single use offer, valid from 01.04.23 – 01.07.23.

Public Order offers two identical prep stations, that can be leased together or separately, depending on requirements.

Each day is divided into three sessions:

Morning: 06.45 – 11.45
Afternoon: 12:00 – 17:00
Evening: 17:15 – 22:15

Stations can also be leased on an hourly basis.
Users of the space for more than 40 hours per week are entitled to a 28.5% discount on agreed hours, and a 36% discount on agreed upon storage.

Fees for Production:

TypeRate (PLN)
1 Station // 1 Session150,00
Both Stations // 1 Session280,00
1 Station // Per Hour40,00
Both Stations // Per Hour70,00
Dining Area // 17:30 – 22:30 150,00
Dining Area // Per Hour38,00
*fees listed as netto.
After hours Refrigeration / Dry Storage Rental (per shelf / per week) 11
*One dry storage shelf is provided free of charge to all regular users